Never is enough EP

by The Cascabel

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released May 10, 2011


tags: folk indie Lima


all rights reserved


The Cascabel Lima, Peru

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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: Anyday
A flight taken any day
I'm back to you, my friend

A time get to know myself
and mistakes to amend

I've found my demons
walking down the streets
now i know how far they'll come

With all these people
knocking on my door
and no chance to take control

"Hay quienes imaginan el olvido
como un depósito desierto
una cosecha de la nada y sin embargo
el olvido está lleno de memoria"
Track Name: What lies do
Will you die for more sensations?
or maybe any other temptation?
when I see they work in connection
to show your lies, even more lies

Now I know about the consistence
the reason you could offer resistance
and why it couldn't be an insistence
to waste my time, even more time

Calm down, man, and wait out
before to sink
it falls by own weight once you let it feel

Now my nerves won't fade out
before to increase
I'll always find
a flame inside of me.
Track Name: Never is enough

Where we go if the way now
isn't clear yet?
how does the time
fill our needs?

Things don't happen casually
when the heart is used

What to do
when never is enough
just time will give us a north
and they won't stop us.
Track Name: Promises in the dark
When I told you "look these words"
written in a stone that belonged your heart
I promised nothing will change
in the time we stay here

Shattered dreams
by the time, that will never forgive your fears
it's something late to regret when the sun sets now

Loneliness, always hides in my mind
something weird to saying
i never thought it could take me days:

"promises in the dark, always frightened me"

Could it let me rest more days?
maybe go on 'till the darkest nights
don't take my heart
if you don't wanna share any care

Morning tears
and the restless fights
in the stormy haze
the daily way is to learn
how to shine with a trace

What doesn't kill you
makes you stronger
than before

And better than before
I know.
Track Name: Outro
Track Name: Start today (G.Biscuits cover)
Yesterday you were on my back just to get my time.
I guess it's not as precious as it seems.
Because I found the time for hanging out and talking on the phone.
What should I expect, now that my time is free and you're nowhere to be found.

Next time I'll try, for the first time in my life.
It won't pass me by. Procrastinate it can wait, I put it off.

My room's a mess and I can't get dressed.
I gotta be out by eight o'clock.
Deep inside I know the answer.
Well there's no time like the present and I'd like to hang out but who doesn't.
I've made enough mistakes for this lifetime.
Now I'm here to make amends.

Next time I'll try, for the first time in my life.
It won't pass me by. Procrastinate it can wait, I put it off.
Track Name: Save your scissors (City & Colour cover)
So go on
And I will refrain
And I'll keep on running this neverending race
Well maybe next time will be the right time
And maybe next time will be your time

So save your scissors
For someone else's skin
My surface is so tough
i dont think the blade will dig in save your strength save your wasted time theres no way that i want you to be left behind
go on and save your scissors
save your scissors

So why does it always seem
That every time I turn around
Somebody falls in love with me
This has never been my sole intention
And I have never claimed
to have patents on such inventions

Just save your scissors
For someone else's skin
My surface is so tough
I don't think the blade will dig in
Save your strength
Save your wasted time
There's no way that I want you to be left behind
Go on save your scissors
Save your scissors

There is something that I must confess to you tonight
To you tonight
And that is I expect nothing less from you tonight
From you tonight

Go on save your scissors
Save your scissors
Save your scissors